Image credit - Martin Hajek

Image credit – Martin Hajek

According to the rumors, it has been suggested that the 2016 MacBook Pro will come with an OLED touch panel and Touch ID. However a subsequent report refuted those claims, claiming that such a drastic overhaul would not take place. However a report from a few days ago confirmed that Touch ID would be present.

So right now it’s really a question of, will it, won’t it? If you’re seriously hoping that this year’s MacBook Pro is the overhaul you’ve been waiting for, your wish could be granted. A report by Mark Gurman on Bloomberg has “confirmed” that this year’s MacBook Pro will be the first overhaul the laptop has had in four years.

It should be noted that these reports of an overhaul come from pretty reputable sources who have in the past been pretty spot on with their claims, so while they are still rumors, there might be some shred of truth to their claims. Gurman’s report pretty much echoes what we have heard so far, which is that it will sport an OLED touch panel and Touch ID possibly embedded in its power button.

Unfortunately there is no telling when Apple will unveil these new laptops, but given that we have at least two more Apple events for 2016 (one for the iPhone and one for iPads/Apple Watch/MacBooks), perhaps we will be learning about them soon.

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