supermanWarner Bros. released their Superman movie “Man of Steel” back in 2013 which starred Henry Cavill, but after that we haven’t really seen a standalone Superman movie since, unless you want to count Cavill’s appearance in 2016’s Batman V Superman. Now we know DC has plans for a ton of movies, but there has not been any mention of a Man of Steel sequel, at least until now.

According to a report from The Wrap, they have learned that Warner Bros. is putting the Man of Steel sequel into active development. However fans of Superman probably shouldn’t expect the movie to be released anytime soon. Like we said, DC has many plans for its movies, such as the upcoming Justice League movie, Wonder Woman, the standalone Batman movie, and standalone movies for The Flash and Aquaman which have been pegged for 2018.

This means that when the Man of Steel movie is released, we’re probably looking at 2019 or later. Who will be directing the sequel, writing the script, producing, or starring in it remains to be seen. However it is safe to say that unless Warner Bros. plans to reboot the series, we’re probably looking at the return of Cavill to star as Superman once again. In the meantime who else is excited by this?

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