myfitnesspalWhile Windows Phone is not a bad operating system, we guess it’s hard to compete against the likes of iOS and Android, which is also why developers have largely ignored Windows Phone in favor of iOS and Android. In some cases, some developers are even abandoning the Windows Phone ship, like in the case of Under Armour.

The company has recently announced that they will be pulling its MyFitnessPal app from the Windows Phone Store, claiming that they will no longer be able to support or offer the app anymore. However the semi-good news is that existing users who are still using the app will be able to keep using it, as long as they stay logged in.

Once they log out, they won’t be able to use the app anymore. According to Under Armour, “Due to limitations of the Windows Phone store, we are unable to provide ongoing access to the app for existing users. Once a member logs out of the app, access to the app will no longer be available.” It is unclear if the company has plans to create a Windows 10 Mobile version, but for now Windows Phone users will have to look elsewhere.

Alternatively you could always access the platform through the web. Granted the experience won’t be the same due to the interface, but if you love the app then we guess this will be the only option until you switch to a different phone and operating system.

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