You can never be too sure these days when it comes to online security. Two-factor authentication is a great way to ensure that the risk of your account being compromised is reduced. Since most PlayStation Network members do have their credit cards on file the risk is significant should their account be compromised. Sony has finally enabled two-factor authentication for PlayStation Network accounts.

PlayStation Network’s security troubles are not a mystery so it’s a welcome addition by Sony. This additional layer of protection for PSN accounts will certainly go a long way in keeping users safe.

Some might even say that it’s too little and definitely too late. PlayStation Network was compromised by a massive hack which led to the leak of personal details of more than 77 million PlayStation Network members. That happened five years ago.

Their argument might make sense to you when you consider the fact that rival Microsoft flipped the switch on two-factor authentication for all of its online accounts including Xbox Live a little over three years ago.

PlayStation owners have regularly criticized Sony for not following through with two-factor authentication quickly. It’s finally here now, so PlayStation and PSP owners can add this extra layer of security to their accounts starting today. This is something one should waste any time in setting up. It’s always best to be safe than sorry.

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