So last month we brought word that someone actually created a Pokeball accessory that doubled as a powerbank. We thought that in itself was already pretty cool, but we were wrong. A company by the name of GamerReality has taken it to the next level by creating an actual working Pokeball that will play nicely with Pokemon GO.


So how does it work? Inside this Pokeball contains bits of tech such as Bluetooth and an accelerometer. When paired with your smartphone, it will be able to detect when the ball has been thrown, which in turn will mimic the ball throwing action inside of Pokemon GO. So basically this device acts as a Bluetooth controller for the game.

Gamers can choose to actually throw the ball, which its creators claim has been designed to be tough enough to withstand throwing, or they can just mimic the motion of throwing as the sensors will be able to pick up the movements. The device is called the “Official Trainer Ball” and according to its creators, they are in talks with Niantic and Nintendo in hopes of being able to officially license it.

To top it off, the device also doubles up as a battery pack that will be able to recharge your phone 2-3 times. If you are interested in making this product a reality, then hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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