prisma appThere are tons of apps out there that let users apply all kinds of crazy effects to their photos, but it’s safe to say that Prisma has taken the cake in terms of such apps. We’re not sure why, but it is probably one of the most popular photo editing apps on mobile at the moment. However there is one downside and that is the app is slow.


The good news is that it looks like Prisma has decided to speed things up in the latest update to the app. We’re not sure what has changed behind the scenes, but having taken the update for a spin ourselves, we can attest that applying filters now is a lot faster than before, even though there is still a bit of processing time.

For those wondering why Prisma is slow, it is because the effects are applied on a server which also uses an AI to make the application of the filter “smarter”. Instead of just slathering on effects like most apps do, we suppose what makes Prisma so appealing is that when the effects are applied, it looks as though the images looked that way to begin with.

Given the popularity of the app, sometimes it can be slow as there are many processes, but this update seems to have sped things up. Other new features include the ability to choose how much blending they want between the original photo and the filtered photo, so maybe if you’d rather not go so heavy-handed with the filters, this could be it. The update is already live so hit up the iTunes App Store or Google Play for the download.

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