no mans sky
Gamers have been waiting for No Man’s Sky for quite some time now, it has finally been released a few days ago and already it’s being chalked up as a hit. The game involves a lot of space exploration, discovering alien species as well as material farming. It was only a matter of time before exploits arrived to make it easier to farm materials. The first resource doubling exploit for No Man’s Sky has now been discovered.

Duplication glitches are not hard to come by and some players have figured out how they can double their stock. This exploit will enable players to double many rare items that are hard to find in the game.

For example, Atlas Stones and Atlas Passes are very hard to come up. These items can only be used once and required resources to be crafted so that they can provide access to locked chests are doors. It goes without saying that many players would like such exploits as they make the gameplay significantly easier, even if it takes the fun out of doing it the right way.

The way this works is by filling up the ship’s inventory with whatever resources the player wants to double and create two save files. Since No Man’s Sky enables players to reclaim their lost stash after respawning, they just need to get killed by attacking things like wildlife, and then reload the two save files and follow the waypoint to the corpse.

After this not only do players have the items in their ship inventory they also have the ones that are on the corpse itself, and that doubles the stash in a jiffy.

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