galaxy-note-7-design_05-black-cameraCan’t afford to buy Apple’s latest computers, smartphones, or tablets? Not a problem as the company has a refurbished program where customers can buy refurbished Apple products. These products have been officially refurbished by the company, so we guess in terms of peace of mind, customers will have that versus buying it from outside like eBay or Craigslist.

So far Apple’s refurbished program has been pretty well-received, which is why it isn’t a surprise to learn that Samsung might want to follow suit. According to a report from Reuters, Samsung is apparently planning their own refurbished smartphone program that could launch as soon as next year.

The idea wouldn’t be too different from what Apple is offering and will see Samsung sell refurbished units of its higher-end smartphones. These smartphones will come from customers who have signed up for Samsung’s one-year upgrade program, meaning that the phones won’t be wasted and sitting somewhere collecting dust, which would also be great for the environment.

Naturally the refurbished units will be sold at a lower price, but unfortunately Reuters’ source did not say exactly how much cheaper it would be, and Samsung themselves have declined to comment on the speculation. Take it with a grain of salt, but a refurbished program isn’t really that much of a stretch and it’s a good way to get new customers, so why not?

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