Samsung introduced the Connect Auto dongle earlier this year. The dongle plugs into the car’s OBD-II port and aside from running diagnostics, it also provides an LTE hotspot for the car. All cars manufactured since the ’90s have an OBD-II port under the steering wheel so even if you have a car that’s almost three decades old, the Samsung Connect Auto will be compatible with it. The dongle is now finally available from AT&T.

Aside from running diagnostics, the information that the dongle gets from the OBD-II port can also be used to aid drivers in increasing fuel efficiency, improving their driving behavior as well as adopt safer driving habits. Samsung promises that all of this data is kept secure using Samsung Knox.

Samsung will also be opening up this Tizen-powered dongle to developers so that they can create new services and features for the Connect Auto. The company is going to create an ecosystem with insurance companies, mobile carriers, and roadside assistance operators to further bridge the gap between auto manufacturers and the mobile industry.

AT&T is currently the only provider of Samsung Connected Auto in the United States. Customers will need to data contract deal with AT&T for the LTE hotspot functionality, the carrier is going to set pricing for the data independent of Samsung.

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