Volkswagen’s brand has suffered significant damage following the diesel emissions scandal that’s also cost the motoring giant billions of dollars. It has a long way to go in order to regain consumer trust and the company is now looking to all-electric cars where emissions are not an issue. Volkswagen has confirmed that it’s going to introduce a new all-electric car in Paris next month that’s going to have a 300-mile range, making it a bonafide competitor to the Teslas of the world.

The confirmation comes straight from Volkswagen CEO Hebert Diess who revealed this during an interview with German magazine Wirtschafts Woche.

He revealed that the new car is going to have a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge but didn’t go into the specifics of its technical features. The CEO also said that this car is going to be about the same size as a VW Golf but with the cargo space of a Passat.

However, Diess did mention during the interview that for Volkswagen to meet its goal of producing millions of all-electric cars every year, it’s going to have to produce batteries in-house or at least have a supplier based in Germany. That was an interesting comment given that there have been rumors about VW planning a multi-billion euro battery factory in Germany.

Volkswagen is going to unveil a prototype of this car in Paris next month and this prototype is going to be very close to the actual model that will go into production by 2018 or 2019.

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