Last week, the folks at Ubisoft released some additional Watch Dogs 2 footage, which for those who missed out on it basically highlighted some of the game’s features like hacking and DedSec. Now during Gamescom 2016, Ubisoft has decided to release more footage, this time highlighting some other aspects of the game such as multiplayer co-op and PVP.


According to the description of the video above, “Watch the first look into the various scenarios of the Watch Dogs 2 seamless online gameplay experience. With no lobbies to wait in, co-op and PvP multiplayer activities are seamlessly woven into the overall single-player experience. Playing co-op missions with a friend or enjoying co-op activities with a random encounter is a simple invite away.”

“Watch out, though: rival hackers can invade worlds (and vice-versa), and with the brand new Bounty Hunt feature, bounty seekers will be on the hunt for players creating high levels of chaos.” So far we have to say that we like what Ubisoft has done with Watch Dogs 2. Assuming the gameplay videos are anything to go by, they certainly look like they’ve managed to address some of the issues with its predecessor.

Watch Dogs 2 has been set for a release later this year on the 15th of November where it will be launched on the Xbox One, PS4, and the PC.

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