Ubisoft unveiled the sequel to its popular Watch Dogs game a couple of months ago. Predictably titled Watch Dogs 2, the game brings an all new location, characters, and adds some interesting new gameplay elements. It presents a fictional take on the San Francisco Bay Area where version 2.0 of the ctOS is live, collecting and controlling all of the information. Hacking is an integral part of the gameplay experience and Ubisoft today released a new video of Watch Dogs 2 that puts the spotlight on hacking and the DedSec group.

Marcus Holloway is the protagonist in this game. He’s a young hacker from Oakland who is using his talents to fight back against ctOS. He teams up with hacker collective DedSec in pursuit of his aim.

The new video that Ubisoft has released today focuses on the hacking part of the game as well as on the hacker collective DedSec. It features in-game footage as well as developer commentary and provides good insight.

Those who played the first Watch Dogs game will find that things move a bit differently in the sequel as Ubisoft has disrupted the sandbox narrative by spreading missions across the game’s world which players can complete in any order they like. Each mission has its own attached storyline.

Watch Dogs 2 is going to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15th.

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