ubisoft-pioneerThe other day it was discovered that Ubisoft had teased a game within Watch Dogs 2 (inception, if you will). Basically how this came about is that within the world of Watch Dogs 2, there is a fictional Ubisoft office in the game’s take on San Francisco. Players were tasked to hack the office in which a teaser for the game was revealed.

It did seem like a fun Easter Egg but as it turns out, it might be more than that. According to a report from Kotaku, their sources have informed them that the teaser in the game is actually a teaser for a real game that Ubisoft is working on that is called Pioneer. We’re not sure if that is the actual name of the game or the codename, but the fact of the matter is that it is real.

Ahead of this report, an ex-Ubisoft employee had confirmed the teaser as well. He claims that the project for the game had started 2 years ago, but he had only heard rumblings of the game’s existence and not much else. This report seems to corroborate the earlier claims, although we might have some bad news.

The report goes on to add that Pioneer has hit some development hurdles and its status seems to be uncertain at this point in time. This only happened after the Easter Egg had been added into Watch Dogs 2, and that as it stands the game is currently being “retooled”, making this a tad awkward. In any case since none of this can be confirmed, we guess we have no choice but to take this at face value for now until Ubisoft can confirm or deny its existence.

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