More often than not you will come across Easter Eggs that developers put inside video games. Whether it be something completely random or a tribute to older titles, Easter Eggs in video games are extremely varied. However in Ubisoft’s case, it seems that a recently discovered Easter Egg could be more than that.


Watch Dogs 2 is set for a release on the 15th of November, but it seems that some people have managed to get their hands on early copies of the game and within the game, they discovered a rather interesting Easter Egg. Within the world of Watch Dogs 2, there exists a fictional version of Ubisoft’s San Francisco office.

Gamers are encouraged to explore and hack into it, thanks to the game’s open world design. It is because of this that someone discovered a mission requiring gamers to steal an E3 teaser from the company’s servers which you can check out for yourselves in the video above. The teaser seems to be for some kind of sci-fi game.

As to whether or not this is based on an actual game is unclear, but apparently an ex-Ubisoft developer who posted on the NeoGAF forums claims to have heard rumblings about a sci-fi game that Ubisoft was working on a couple of years ago. Now as to whether or not we’ll actually see this game launched at E3 2017 remains to be seen, but kudos to Ubisoft for coming up with such a creative reveal.

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