messages-app-storeOne of the major changes that Apple will be making in iOS 10 is kind of revamping its Messages app. So far Messages has been a platform for users to send/receive SMS and iMessages, but with iOS 10, Apple looks to make its app more friendly and fun to use by introducing stickers and apps designed to help enhance the experience.

These new features are set to go live for iOS 10’s release tomorrow, but in the meantime it looks like Apple is getting users ready for it by launching the official Messages App Store. Before you get too excited, it should be noted that the app store is only live for those who are currently using the iOS 10 beta, so if you are on iOS 9 you won’t see it.

However given that iOS 10’s release is set for tomorrow, we guess iOS users won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on it. Within the app store, there are apps that are designed to be standalone apps, or apps designed specifically to be used within Messages. This distinction will be clearly stated on each app’s page.

The app store will also be where users can purchase fun features such as stickers, which allow users to enhance their messages and photos. There are also utilities such as OpenTable that lets users book restaurants, or games like Words With Friends, and so on. In any case you’ll be able to check it out in all of its glory when iOS 10 is released tomorrow.

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