iphone-7-bottomIf there is one thing that iPhone customers could more or less count on, is that if you missed out on pre-ordering the iPhone and the shipping times have slipped, you could always try your luck at launch day at Apple’s Retail Stores. Unfortunately this year demand appears to be much higher than expect and as you might have heard, the jet black iPhone 7 Plus has sold out already.

Unfortunately it seems that if you thought that third-party retailers could help, don’t add Best Buy to that list. As reported by MacRumors, one of their readers has pointed out to them that they have received an email from Best Buy, letting them know that their iPhone 7 Plus pre-orders have been delayed from the 16th of September, which is launch day, to the 7th of October.

Like we said, shipping estimates have already begun to slip within hours of the pre-orders going live, and it seems to have been so bad to the point where it has even affected other retailers. However the good news is that to compensate for the unexpected delay, Best Buy is offering customers a $100 promo code which they can use on their next purchase, so we guess it’s not a complete loss.

Recently Best Buy has also delayed the shipping of the Apple Watch Series 2, giving customers a $50 promo code in the process, so if you’ve ordered both and both are delayed, expect $150 in promo codes from Best Buy.

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