When the power is out, we sometimes use candles to help illuminate the place. It is one of the more basic methods of lighting and you could even call it low-tech, at least in today’s world of LED bulbs and connected lights. However what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could have a connected candle?

While that might sound like a novel idea (which it is), the folks at LuDela have created a candle that can actually be controlled by your smartphone. And no, we’re not talking about a lightbulb shaped like a candle, we’re talking about an actual candle with real fire. Users can purchase multiple candles and control all of them via their smartphone.

The candle is smart enough to tell users when it’s running low, there are also timers so that you can light it up and not have to worry about extinguishing later, and there are also multiple moods and settings that you can choose from, so if you wanted to create a candlelight dinner or romantic bedroom lighting, not a problem.

The only issue we have would probably be its price. The LuDela candle is priced at $99 for pre-orders, but if you miss out on pre-orders, it is expected to retail for $149 which is rather pricey as far as candles are concerned, and really, how lazy do you have to be to light a few candles, right? However if you’re interested, hit up LuDela’s website for the details.

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