Apple’s Magic Mouse is a great mouse in terms of features. The fact that it lacks buttons and the support for multi-touch gestures makes it a pretty unique device. However if you have ever used a Magic Mouse, you know that it isn’t exactly what you would consider to be an ergonomic device.

It is rather sleek and flat so if you have big hands/palms, then gripping it can get rather tiring after a while. This is why a company by the name of Elevation Lab has launched what they are calling “MagicGrips”. As you can see in the photo above and surmise from its name, the MagicGrips are basically grips designed for the Magic Mouse.

What it does is that it widens your grip and creates a large concave surface along the edge of the mouse. It is made from rubber and is easily attached and removed thanks to the use of 3M adhesive. This means that if you’ve always found the Magic Mouse to be a bit small and slippery, this accessory should change that.

We suppose in a way it is a rather novel accessory for the Magic Mouse, but if you’d rather not buy a new mouse or if you think you can’t give up the various features of the Magic Mouse, then head on over to Amazon’s website where you’ll be able to purchase it at $12.99 per piece.

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