google-alloAbout a week ago, Google launched their new messenger app, Allo. The app was initially announced and shown off at Google I/O earlier this year, but it was only last week that it was finally released for both iOS and Android devices. How’s the app doing? Turns out it is doing pretty well.

According to the numbers from the Google Play Store, it has been revealed that Allo has been installed more than 5 million times. Note that this number is only for Android, meaning that combined with iOS installs, that number could be even higher. The app also managed to secure the $1 spot on the Play Store over the weekend, but it has since fallen.

One of Allo’s strengths is that it comes with Google Assistant baked into it, thus giving it “smarter” features that a normal messenger app might not have. However recently Google has come under fire over Allo’s privacy features. When the app was launched, Google said that Allo will only store messages transiently and in non-identifiable form when used in Incognito Mode.

However like we said, Google seems to have reneged on their promise when it was discovered that messages will be kept unless the user deletes them manually them, which means that Google will technically have access to all your messages. Whether or not this bothers you is entirely up to you and your stance on privacy, but if not, Allo is packed full of fun and interesting features that could still be worth checking out.

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