bling_iphone_7Every now and then we come across jewelry makers who think that it’s a good idea to “bling” electronic devices. Granted the majority of us probably won’t have the need for it, but it’s there for those who do want it and who wouldn’t mind paying for it. That being said, Gresso is back with their latest creation – a black diamond-encrusted iPhone 7.

Basically each iPhone 7 in their creation will feature black diamonds covering the phone with a total of 1,450 diamonds that are worth 102kts. The body of the iPhone has also been changed to a premium grade-5 titanium, obviously this is no longer the iPhone that Apple announced, at least on the exterior.

The logo and camera frame are also made of 10 grams of 18kt gold, and they will be bundled with a pair of black AirPods that are also covered in black diamonds (30 in total). According to Gresso, each iPhone takes about 18 hours to assemble, with the final product costing you a whopping $500,000. Yes, that’s really the price of the device.

Like we said, we’re not sure who on earth is willing to spend $500,000 on a piece of tech that will be pretty much outdated come 2017, but we suppose there are some who will. If you’d like to learn more or maybe even place an order, hit up Gresso’s website for the details.

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