If you’ve been on the internet at any point over the past couple of months then you must have definitely heard about Harambe. He was a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo who had to be tragically killed when a child fell in Harambe’s enclosure and needed to be rescued. There was a lot of public backlash following the zoo’s decision to kill Harambe and the internet appears to have vowed to never forget the gorilla. Harambe lives on not just in our memories but now also in a PC game called Harambe vs. Capcom.


This is an unusual game to say the least and yet the story is interesting. It implies that Harambe finds out that there’s a shadowy agency which wants him dead after they discover that the gorilla has psychic powers. Harambe then decides to fake his own death before escapes to Africa in a bid to fix this.

This game has been developed by Otaku Gang which claims to be an “underground culture collective.” The group says that Harambe vs. Capcom is a fan tribute to “our bro Harambe” and the Capcom universe.

Harambe vs. Capcom weighs in at over 350MB and can be downloaded for free on PC. There is a roster of 21 characters of which three are mystery characters only unlocked by progressing through the game.

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