iphone-7-case-headphoneProbably the most common gripe we’ve heard regarding the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aren’t so much that its features are “outdated” (at least by Android standards), but the fact that Apple seems to think that removing the headphone jack is OK, although we should point out that at least 3 Android OEMs had already beaten Apple to the punch.

So what are users to do? You have the option of looking for Lightning headphones, go wireless, or rely on the adapter. However there is a fourth option, which is come up with a DIY solution and create an iPhone case with a headphone jack. This is according to a post on Reddit by Redditor DungJohnson who claims that his brother and his brother’s friend have been working on creating an iPhone 7 case with a built-in headphone jack.

According to his post on Imgur where he uploaded the photos, “My brother and his friend have been working on an iPhone 7 case that addresses the lack of ports. It has a 3.5mm audio jack on the left, and 2 lightning ports, one in the middle and one on the right. An iPhone 6s is being used for testing the fit and function for now.”

Right now it looks very crude, which we guess is to be expected since it is a prototype. We’re not sure if there are plans to commercialize it, or if they’re just planning on using it for themselves, but it’s an interesting idea, although sharing it online is probably not the smartest thing if they’re trying to patent their invention, assuming it hasn’t been patented already.

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