With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, many had expected that it would give whatever Apple planned to launch a run for its money. However the question is, will it? To find that out, the folks at PhoneBuff have decided to pit both phones against each other in a speed test to find out which device is faster than the other.

Will the iPhone 7’s new quad-core A10 Fusion chip with 2GB of RAM manage to outdo the Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM? Unfortunately for the Note 7, it seems that it didn’t even come close. PhoneBuff’s speed test, as we have seen in the past, includes launching apps to see how fast it takes.

That is the first lap. The second lap then consists of relaunching those apps to see how long it takes the phone to fire up those apps again, and whether or not it can load it from memory or if it will have to relaunch them from scratch, which also means it takes more time. The iPhone 7 completed the first lap in 1 minute 14 seconds, while the Note 7 completed it in 2 minutes 4 seconds.

The second lap saw the iPhone 7 complete in 1 minute 40 seconds, while the Note 7 took a grand total of 3 minutes 14 seconds, which is clearly more than twice the time. Not to disparage the Note 7, and if anything it does show how far along Apple’s A-series of chipsets have come. We have seen AnTuTu scores in which the A10 Fusion blew the competition away, and some have even cleaned that it actually outperforms Apple’s MacBook Air lineup. At the end of the day.

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