LG’s latest flagship smartphone for 2016 was unveiled a couple of days ago at an event in San Franciso. The LG V20 builds up very nicely from its predecessor which itself was a rather unique device that came out last year. LG will now focus its energies towards selling this handset but it’s still “undecided” about whether or not it wants to release the V20 in Europe.

LG has now confirmed that it has no immediate plans to release the V20 in Europe. One might have hoped that it would bring this handset to the region but given that the LG V10 was launched in a very limited number of markets across Asia aside from the United States, this is hardly surprising.

LG’s global communications director Ken Hong told Android Authority that the company is “undecided” about launching the V20 in Europe, he doesn’t rule it out though, as significant interest from consumers could compel LG to follow through with the V20 in Europe.

It’s too soon to say at this point in time whether or not that’s going to happen. LG is initially going to launch the V20 only in markets across Asia, North America, Middle East, and Africa. Those who want to use one in Europe will likely have to import a unit or keep their fingers crossed that LG might see enough value to officially release the V20 in their region.

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