There’s no denying the fact that Pokemon Go is a popular game. It has been a few years since a mobile game became this popular and unfortunately, it has made people do some really stupid things as well. You may or may not consider playing Pokemon Go in a church to be stupid, but Russia believes it warrants the need for a prison sentence of as much as five years. That’s what a Russian YouTuber faces for playing the game in a church.

A young Russian YouTube star who goes by the name Sokolovsky was arrested two months back for playing Pokemon Go in a church. He was arrested under Article 282 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code which prohibits “incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as abasement of human dignity” and carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

His video shows him standing in front of the Church of All Saints expressing doubt about being arrested for walking around in a church with your face glued to a smartphone. The video is still up on YouTube.

The Associated Press reports that Sokolovsky has filed an appeal but it’s still too soon to say how this case will play out. Sokolovsky was detained two months ago and it’s unclear whether he will be handed down a proper prison sentence that may go up to five years.

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