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Pokemon Go players have been robbed, stabbed, and hurt in a number of ways while they were engrossed in trying to catch the little monsters, and now it appears that they’re the ones doing the hurting as their quest to catch Pokemon continues. A woman has reportedly been killed by a negligent driver on the road who was apparently playing Pokemon Go while driving.

NHK reports that two women were crossing the road yesterday at around 7:25 pm in Tokushima, Japan when they were hit. One of the women was fatally injured and she later succumbed to her injuries.

The driver of the car, reported to be 39 year-old Keiji Goh, acknowledged that he wasn’t paying attention to the road as he was busy playing Pokemon Go. The woman who passed away was 72-year old Sachiko Nakanish. The other woman, 60 year-old Kayoko Igawa, is reported to have suffered serious injuries as a result of this accident.

The report mentions that Goh has since been arrested and has been quoted as saying “I was playing Pokémon Go while driving, so I didn’t really see what was in front of me.” This, despite the fact that Pokemon Go was updated this month with a warning specifically for players who think it would be a good idea to play a mobile game while driving. It’s not.

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