galaxy-s7-edge-explodedBy now reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding are pretty familiar to you guys. Some of you guys might have even expected legal action to be taken against Samsung because of it, although oddly enough nothing has surfaced yet, although we wouldn’t be surprised if they would later on.

However interestingly enough, it looks like Samsung has been hit with a lawsuit over an exploding handset, except that in this case the handset in question is not the Galaxy Note 7, but rather the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung’s flagship handset that was released earlier this year in which the lawsuit alleges that the phone had exploded and caused its owner third-degree burns.

Note that there is no widespread issue of the Galaxy S7 Edge exploding and chances are we are looking at a one-off event, so if you do own the Galaxy S7 Edge, don’t start to panic just yet. According to the owner of the phone, Daniel Ramirez, he claims that the phone caught fire in his pocket while he was working. He heard “whistling, screeching, and vibrating” and when he reached into his pocket to grab his phone, he suffered burns to his hand as a result of the phone being on fire.

Unfortunately it is unclear as to how the Galaxy S7 Edge might have caught on fire, especially since it was inside his pocket which means that it probably wasn’t charging.

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