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Samsung Galaxy S7 Explodes In Woman’s Hands
Samsung is currently taking quite a huge hit financially with regards to its Galaxy Note 7 recall. It has also most definitely affected their reputation as well, but it seems that their problems did not end just there. As you might have heard, the company was also recently sued over an exploding Galaxy S7 Edge, and now it looks like we have another case.

Xiaomi Mi 4c Explodes In Owner’s Pocket, Causes Third Degree Burns
With the alarming increase in reports of smartphones exploding, the development of safer batteries could not come any sooner. However until that happens, it certainly does evoke a feel that we’re all walking around with potential bombs in our pockets, and while the focus does seem to be on Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7, other brands seem to be experiencing it too.

Samsung Sued Over Exploding Galaxy S7 Edge
By now reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding are pretty familiar to you guys. Some of you guys might have even expected legal action to be taken against Samsung because of it, although oddly enough nothing has surfaced yet, although we wouldn’t be surprised if they would later on.

This Man Claims His Nexus 6P Exploded On Him
We have heard of phones exploding before, but we reckon this could be the first instance in which a Nexus 6P handset has been reported to have exploded. In a post on Reddit, a man going by the handle yamz66 claims that his Nexus 6P exploded in the middle of the night while it was charging.


Man Bursts Into Flames After Mobile Phone Battery Exploded
WARNING: Graphic Video Disclaimer.The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four comic series that hail from Marvel is definitely an interesting character, but as we all know, self-immolation without actually suffering from serious injury or death is not possible in the real world. After all, the Human Torch is but fictional, but having a mobile phone battery explode and causing serious harm or injury is nothing new, perpetuated by videos such […]

Campervan Catches Fire From Exploding Phone
While modern day batteries have definitely come a long way in terms of their technology and capacity, this does not mean that they are all that safe. After all, how many times have we read about a smartphone exploding (like this Sony Xperia T3 being the most recent example) or that of an electronic cigarette bursting into flames?

Teen Suffers Second-Degree Burns While Charging Her Phone
 In the past we have heard of how some phones have exploded while charging, and in some cases have even caused burns to their victims. Recently over in Illinois, it looks like something similar has happened where a 13-year old girl suffered from second-degree burns after she was using her phone while it was charging.

Man Claims His iPhone 6 Plus Caught Fire While Charging
Lithium-ion is probably the most common kind of battery used in our gadgets these days, but if there is a disadvantage to such batteries is that over time they lose their charge, and they are also dangerous in the sense that they could explode if impacted hard enough. In fact in the past we have heard cases of phones exploding unexpectedly.That being said it seems that if there was ever […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Caught Fire (Rumor)
Exploding smartphones, or handsets that catch fire, are no longer front-page news, but they do still deserve a certain level of coverage – especially when that particular handset is a hugely popular one like the iPhone 4S, since it would bode well to alert as many people as possible to the potential dangers in order for them to take the necessary precautions, just in case. This time around, we have […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Explodes In Thai Bank, Footage Caught On Camera
Exploding phone are scary, and why wouldn’t they? After all doesn’t it sound scary that you could be walking with your phone in your hand or pocket when it suddenly catches on fire or blows up? Yea we know, it’s not something you’d like to think about. Well it looks like we have another story of an exploding phone.This time the phone involved is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the […]

LG G3 Reportedly Explodes, Burns Hole Through Mattress
We have heard our fair share of exploding phones over the course of the year, and it looks like before the year is out we could be treated to yet another such story, this time involving that of the LG G3. According to a post on Reddit, the OP the LG G3 belonged to his sister and was charging on her bed while she was changing, when suddenly the explosion […]

OnePlus One Reportedly Explodes In Its Owner's Pocket
We’ve all heard horror stories about exploding phone batteries and unfortunately it seems that OnePlus has caught their first case of an exploding battery so early into their existence. According to reports, it seems that there has been a recent case where one user has reported that their OnePlus One handset had exploded in his pocket while he was out and about.The explosion not only destroyed the phone, but it […]

Exploding iPhone In China Causes Eye Injury To Woman
We have been hearing horror stories of how some iPhones have been electrocuting their owners, and now it looks like not only will Apple have to deal with electrocuting iPhones, but exploding ones as well! According to a report from China, it seems that one Chinese woman has suffered an eye injury as the result of her iPhone exploding and shooting debris into her eye. According to the woman, she […]

Exploding Phone Kills
This time, a 33-year old excavator driver from Korea. Mr. Seo was found lying dead beside his excavator in a stone quarry by his friends, with a cellphone in his pocket that had a severely melted battery, resulting in a burnt and fractured chest. Judging by the image, this is most probably a Samsung handset. There are not a lot of options to avoid this, but putting the phone in […]