Spotify has launched a new feature today called Daily Mix which is going to offer users with a fresh dose of their favorite music every single day. Users will get a series of playlists in their Daily Mix which will promise “near endless playback” which combines their favorite tracks with new songs that Spotify believes they will appreciate.


Daily Mix will let Spotify users listen to the music they know and love, made fresh in playlists that are continuously updated. All they need to do is select their mix and enjoy tracks they listen to most frequently as well as new music that suits their tastes. “You’re bound to rediscover some forgotten hits or even find a bunch of new favorites,” says Spotify.

The Daily Mix playlists will continue to evolve as users’ music tastes evolve. The more they listen they better their Daily Mix is going to become. If they don’t like a new song they can simply “ban” it from appearing in future playlists.

Spotify says that with Daily Mix it wanted to come up with a way to take out the effort from playing and organizing daily listening. It’s now offering consistently refreshed playlists of preferred music thus eliminating the need for users to spend time maintaining their playlists.

Users can find their personal Daily Mix in Your Library in the latest version of Spotify on iOS and Android. The feature is available to all users across the globe regardless of whether they pay for the Premium subscription or not.

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