It has been known for a while now that Nintendo is looking to create games exclusively for smartphones. The company chose one of its most lucrative properties for this purpose and paired it with one of the most widely used mobile platform. It has been confirmed today at Apple’s iPhone 7 event that a new Nintendo game titled Super Mario Run is going to be released exclusively for iOS later this year.

The announcement was made by none other than Super Mario Bros. creator and legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. He took the stage to announce the first smartphone-only Nintendo game and reiterate the fact that it will be an iOS-exclusive.

Even though the game is called Super Mario Run, it’s not one of those infinite runner games that are very common these days. The demonstration showed us that players will compete on a familiar 2D Mario stage and they will have to reach flag poles at the end of each level to complete each level. Players can also play against friends to beat their best level times so there’s an element of friendly competition to this game as well.

Super Mario Run is going to be released exclusively for iPhone and iPad later this year in December. Nintendo has said that it will charge a one-time price for this game but it’s yet to announce how much that’s going to be.

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