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Super Mario Run Has Been Downloaded Nearly 300 Million Times
While Miitomo was essentially the first Nintendo game released for mobile, it was Super Mario Run that felt like it was the first “proper” by Nintendo to be released on mobile. Safe to say that excitement surrounding the game was pretty high, but when it was released, there were a few who were disappointed by it.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Discounted By 50% For MAR10 Day
In case you didn’t know, tomorrow (10th of March) is also known as MAR10 Day (Mario Day, get it?). To celebrate the day, we saw Nintendo team up with Google to bring Mario and his iconic go-kart to Google Maps, but the celebration does not stop there as Nintendo will also be discounting Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run Is One Of Google’s Most Popular New Games Of 2017
When you think about how popular the Mario franchise is, where it has managed to resonate with every generation of gamers since the very first title, it’s not that hard to imagine how popular Super Mario Run was when it was announced that it would be arriving for our smartphones.

Super Mario Run Still Isn’t As Profitable As Nintendo Would Like
When Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year, there was also a surprise announcement made by Nintendo in which they revealed that Apple’s iOS devices would be the first to get Super Mario Run, a game based on the Mario franchise which has been designed for mobile, a first for Nintendo at bringing Mario onto phones.


Major Super Mario Run Update Has Been Released
While Super Mario Run was launched with a ton of fanfare considering that this would be the first time that Mario would be arriving on mobile devices, it’s safe to say that interest in the game quickly fizzled due to a number of reasons, such as the gameplay which wasn’t like what many had thought Mario would be like, and the price of $10 which many felt was rather hefty […]

Super Mario Run Gets A Temporary Price Cut And New Levels
If there was one main criticism that many gamers had when Super Mario Run was launched was its price tag. Sure, the game was free up to a certain extent, but gamers who wanted more content and features would have to fork out $10 for everything, which as far as mobile games are concerned is pricey.

Super Mario Run Has Been Downloaded Nearly 150 Million Times
While Super Mario Run wasn’t Nintendo’s first mobile gaming efforts, it did represent for the first time Mario was available on mobile devices in an official capacity, and the numbers certainly show just that. According to Nintendo’s latest financials, it was revealed that the game has since been downloaded nearly 150 million times.

Super Mario Run To Get A Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Event This Friday
To celebrate the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, which is taking place on the 28th of April which is this Friday, it seems that Nintendo wants to tie in that celebration with its other games, like Super Mario Run. As you can see in the screenshot to the right, Nintendo will be introducing what they’re calling a “mega event” to the game.

Super Mario Run Sales Didn't Meet Nintendo's Expectations
Super Mario Run marked Nintendo’s move into the smartphone gaming market. It aligned itself with Apple and made Super Mario Run exclusive to iOS for several months before finally releasing it for Android earlier this month. Despite all the hype, sales of the game doesn’t appear to have met the company’s expectations, says Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima.

Super Mario Run 2.0 Released For iOS
If Super Mario Run is a game that you’re still enjoying on your iOS device, then you might be pleased to learn that Nintendo has recently issued an update for the game in which they will be introducing a bunch of new features. Most notable of those new features is the addition of new playable characters.

Super Mario Run Now Available On Android
It has been several months since Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was released on iOS. We knew that it would eventually find its way onto Android since its exclusivity on iOS was a timed one, and the good news for all you Mario fans out there is that the game is now finally available for download.

Super Mario Run Android Release Date Confirmed
It has been a while since Nintendo launched its Super Mario Run mobile game. It has been an iOS exclusive since late last year but the company did confirm from the get-go that the game would eventually be released for Android as well. The company has officially confirmed the Super Mario Run Android release date. It’s going to be out for the most widely used mobile platform in the world […]

New ‘Gold Goombas’ Event Announced For Super Mario Run
If you recall, Nintendo had previously confirmed that they do not have intentions to release DLCs for Super Mario Run. We know this can come off the wrong way as it would suggest that Nintendo has no intention of keeping the game fresh and entertaining, but that’s not really the case as Nintendo is coming at it with a different approach.

Super Mario Run Gets A New ‘Easy Mode’
Super Mario Run is by no means a hard game. If you’re the sort that just wants to breeze through all the levels, you don’t need to be particularly skilled to do so, more so if you don’t really care about how many coins you collect or if you can collect all the colored coins in the process.

Super Mario Run Downloaded 78 Million Times
Last we heard, which was back in December 2016, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was downloaded 50 million times. Now according to a tweet by Bloomberg reporter Yuji Nakamura, it has been revealed that the game has since been downloaded 78 million times, and that out of all those downloads, 5% paid for the full version of the game.

Super Mario Run For Android Set For A March Release
While Super Mario Run might have been an iOS exclusive at the start, Nintendo did state that they would eventually bring the game onto Android, although they did not say when. The good news is that you no longer have to wonder about that because Nintendo of Japan has confirmed that they are aiming for a March release.

Super Mario Run Gets ‘Loads of Coins’ Limited Time Event
If you’ve played Super Mario Run, you know that the coins you collect can be used towards building up your kingdom. Now if you’re running low on coins or if you’d like to stockpile your coins, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has launched a limited time event for the game.

Android Users Can Now Pre-Register For Super Mario Run
Despite it being shown off on an iPhone and with it being an exclusive to iOS devices at the start, Nintendo has long confirmed that Super Mario Run would eventually find its way onto Android. It was unclear as to when exactly that would be, but it was suggested that it would be in 2017.

Super Mario Run No Longer Highest Grossing App
When Nintendo released Super Mario Run a couple of weeks ago, it didn’t take long for the app to become the top “Top Grossing” app on the iTunes App Store. Unfortunately it seems that the game has not managed to maintain its position at the top because according to a report from Bloomberg, the game is no longer the highest grossing game.

Super Mario Run Hits 50 Million Downloads
So a report from yesterday saw Nintendo confirm that Super Mario Run had been downloaded over 40 million times. However it seems that in a span of a few hours, Nintendo managed to close the gap between 40 million and 50 million because according to a tweet by the Super Mario Run account, the game has managed to hit 50 million downloads.