Ubisoft has previously announced a delay for the release of The Division’s PC Public Test Server and fans players didn’t like that at all. However, the announcement it has made today will be welcomed by the community. Ubisoft today confirmed when The Division PTS is going to be launched. A technical test for the server is going to be conducted later this week and only after the test is completed will it be opened to the public.

Ubisoft has confirmed that that the PTS is going to be open for all PC players, even those who bought the game on Steam as well as on Ubisoft’s Uplay store.

The server enables Ubisoft to test new updates to the game before they are released for all players. Fans who are interested in testing out beta features can take part in this and provide the company with feedback before it rolls out new features to the entire The Division community.

Fans of the game must keep in mind that the server is only offered to players on PC and not on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, that’s due to the way these consoles work, Sony and Microsoft need time to certify the update and this runs against the very idea of the PTS which is meant to aid constant development of new features before they are released.

The Division players on PC will find the server in Steam or their Uplay library. The Divison’s PTS is going to be put through a technical test on September 22nd. It will be opened to the public on September 26th.

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