Direct Message used to be a very simple feature that allowed Twitter users to send private messages to fellow users. Twitter has religiously stuck to the 140 character limit for tweets ever since it was launched and this limit was initially imposed on DMs as well but was later removed in a bid to increase use. The latest steps that Twitter has taken to improve the Direct Message feature have basically turned it into a chat app of sorts.

Twitter says that Direct Messages are now “more dynamic” than ever before with new features like read receipts, typing indicators, and previews for web links. These features would make you think of apps like WhatsApp and not Twitter, but they are a thing now in Direct Messages.

The read receipts feature tells the sender if their message has been read. Now if you’re someone who likes to read Direct Messages but not respond to them immediately, you’re not going to like this feature one bit because the sender will find out when you’ve read their message.

Typing indicators simply show how many people in that DM group – one or more – are typing a response. This is a quintessential chat app feature and now it’s a thing in DM. How do you feel about this? Do let us know in the comments below.

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