xbox one sFor the longest time ever, Sony’s PS4 console has typically outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One. Given that the PS4 was launched for cheaper than the Xbox One at the start of its life, it is understandable that gamers were flocking to the cheaper console. However it looks like Microsoft is slowly starting to catch up.

Last month we heard that the Xbox One beat out the PS4 in sales for the month of July, and now according to the latest numbers from NPD, it looks like Microsoft is continuing their streak as the company has reportedly managed to edge out the PS4 in terms of sales for August. Microsoft has yet to officially reveal the Xbox One’s sales figures, but apparently the console did well enough to be considered the best-selling console for August.

According to Microsoft, they claim that they have managed to achieve this mainly with the launch of the Xbox One S, a slimmer and slightly more upgraded version of the Xbox One that managed to retain its $300 price tag, making it an attractive option for gamers who wanted a newer console without having to spend too much money.

However it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can maintain their streak, especially with the PS4 Pro having been announced and planned for a release in November. The PS4 Pro represents a major upgrade over the current PS4 with support for HDR and 4K gaming, and with Microsoft’s Project Scorpio only releasing in 2017, Sony will no doubt have a pretty big head start.

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