phoneys-stickerWe have to say that one of the biggest changes Apple has made with iOS 10 is with its Messages app. Gone are the days when the app was a “boring” app that allowed users to send SMS or iMessages. Instead the app has transformed into an interactive playground where users can send stickers, drawings, handwriting, play games, and more.

Now one of the new features of Messages is the ability to add stickers to your messages. This has resulted in a rather fun and interesting app called “Phoneys”, which basically lets you overlay chat bubbles on your messages to make it look like the other person sent you a message, like in the screenshot above. However Apple isn’t too pleased with the app and has since asked its developer to adhere to its guidelines, or they’ll have to remove it.

According to its developer Adam Howell, he received a call from Apple after the sticker pack shot to the #1 spot in the iMessage App Store. “Apple’s lawyers weren’t happy that Phoneys got through the review process. The stickers couldn’t be blue or green, they couldn’t use San Francisco as the typeface, and the app could no longer be marketed as a ‘prank’ app, because Apple doesn’t approve prank apps.”

Howell reiterates a couple of times that he never called it a prank app, although he does see how it could be seen that way. He also notes that Apple told him that they would not remove the app, and instead gave him a week to change it so that it would follow their guidelines. Howell appears to be undecided as to whether or not he will make changes to his app, but for now it looks like it’s still available for purchase for $0.99, so if you want you should hurry and get it before it is gone.

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