Apple reportedly wants its mobile payments service to work with more public transit systems. It’s just one of the ways it’s looking to advance the capabilities of Apple Pay. The service currently works for commuters in New York City who can use Apple Pay with the MTA eTix app. It enables them to purchase scannable e-tickets and passes without having to enter their payment details manually. However, Apple is reportedly interested in a system that’s similar to what it has announced for Japan.


Japanese railway JR East will launch Apple Pay later this month via the Suica payment system. Devices that support this include the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well as the Apple Watch Series 2. Commuters just need to swipe their device at turnstiles and they will be good to go.

Transport for London was the earliest public transit backer for Apple Pay. TfL operates the London Underground and other mass transit systems in the UK’s capital. Those who use Apple Pay with TfL don’t have to buy scannable passes or tickets, they simply swipe their devices at turnstiles as well.

It’s unclear which public transport systems will gain advanced support for Apple Pay next, the company obviously has an interest in making that happen. Public transit is all about volume, and the sheer volume of commuters using mass transit systems in some of the busiest cities on the planet will generate millions of Apple Pay transactions all of which will earn Apple a small fee. Add that up and you can imagine why Apple is so interested in making this happen.

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