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Hillary Clinton has already picked her running mate for the upcoming presidential election but if supposedly leaked emails from her campaign manager John Podesta are believed, she may have considered putting two notable figures from the tech industry on the ticket. Recently leaked emails reveal that Microsoft co-founder and ex-CEO Bill Gates as well as current Apple CEO Tim Cook were both considered as potential vice president nominees.

The email in question was sent on March 17th, 2016. Podesta described the “first cut” of candidates that Clinton might pick as her running mate. Some figures from the tech industry were included in one list, such as Ursula Burns of Xerox, Bill and Melinda Gates as well as Tim Cook.

None of the names on this list have the sort of political experience that can match Clinton’s but the campaign might have been considering them as strategic picks to add more resources to the war chest.

Another leaked email shows that this strategy might have worked as it mentions that Cook wanted a one-on-one meeting with Clinton. He has already held big fundraisers for her. Whether or not one ever took place is unclear. Clinton has since picked Tim Kaine as her running mate so the question of there being any changes to the ticket no longer exists.

These supposedly leaked emails have caused quite a stir. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s internet link has been cut off by Ecuador – he has taken asylum in the country’s London embassy – as Ecuador believes the leaks will have an impact on the upcoming presidential election in the United States.

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