There are countless services online that will help you find the cheapest flights to your destination. Google Flights is one such service. It’s pretty good at what it’s supposed to do, providing features like a handy calendar to find out when fares are the cheapest. An update has been rolled out for Google Flights today which enables users to take advantage of the new price tracking feature.

Again, there are countless online services that will allow you to set up a price alert to track the price of a flight that you want to catch. The alerts work very nicely by notifying you of potential opportunities to save quite a bit of money on air travel.

The Google Flights update released today will now notify users when the price of a flight is expected to go up. A card will display how much the cost is going to rise and in how many days. It will also feature additional tips on lowering fares such as opting for a nearby airport or choosing to travel on alternative dates.

The information isn’t always going to be completely accurate since it will be based on historical trends but it will certainly give users an idea of how they can get the most bang for their buck, even if that requires them to switch their travel dates around a bit.

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