If you’re wondering which flagship phone of 2017 you should get, there are a few choices. But if you’ve narrowed it down to either a Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung or the new Google Pixel phones, you’ll be pleased to know that YouTuber SuperSaf TV has recently uploaded a video which compares the speed between both phones.

Some disclaimers are in order: for starters both phones are powered by different chipsets, and they both run on different builds of Android, so it is possible that this could have affected the results. Also what’s interesting is the fact that despite the Galaxy S7 Edge being the older device of the two, and the Pixel running the new Snapdragon 821 chipsets, the S7 Edge actually scored higher on benchmarks for both single and multi-core tests.

However when it came down to the actual tests, which loaded up apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Chrome, both phones were more or less neck to neck, with the Pixel actually edging out the S7 Edge in some instances, but when it comes to more intensive apps, like loading games such as Angry Birds, the S7 Edge was the clear winner and edged the Pixel out by a whopping 10 seconds in load time.

This was the same with Temple Run 2 where the S7 Edge loaded the game about a second faster than the Pixel. In conclusion? Like we said, there are some instances in which the Pixel was faster, but the S7 Edge seems to be able to handle more complex tasks better. However there are some features of the Pixel that are exclusive to it, like Google Assistant and also unlimited original photo and video storage on Google Photos, so that’s worth your consideration as well.

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