Apple’s messaging platform iMessage serves hundreds of millions of users on its desktop and mobile devices. The company hasn’t released iMessage for any other platform even though users would like to have the ability to stay in touch with their friends on Android. Whether or not the company ever releases iMessage for Android remains to be seen, but a new report suggests that Apple has created mockups of iMessage for Android complete with Material Design.

The report suggests that Apple has played around with the idea of bringing iMessage to Android, otherwise it wouldn’t have spent the time creating those mockups in the first place. It claims that various user interface designs have been circulated inside Apple and that some of them even adhered to Google’s Material Design UX.

Just because Apple has reportedly toyed with the idea doesn’t mean that it’s going to go ahead with this. Apple does make an app for Android – Apple Music – so it’s not like it would be setting a precedent by developing iMessage for Android.

Apple has obviously said nothing about this so it can’t really be said for sure whether or not it’s ever going to bring iMessage to Android. Those who want it can’t do much else right now other than just keep their fingers crossed and hope that Apple sees value in bringing its messaging platform over to its competitor’s mobile platform.

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