skype meetingsCompanies like Google and Facebook usually allow users to use their login credentials to signup or sign into certain services, which honestly cuts down a lot of time when it comes to signing up and filling up forms. Now it looks like Microsoft is going to try it out themselves as they have announced a single sign-on option using Skype.


Skype is Microsoft’s communication platform and interestingly enough, Microsoft wants to allow it Skype users to be able to use their Skype Name to sign into other Microsoft services. This means that you won’t have to juggle multiple accounts as your Skype Name (and password) will be enough to let you sign into a variety of Microsoft services.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, “We’ve been working to bring Skype and Microsoft closer together and are excited to announce that soon you will be able to use your Skype Name to sign into other Microsoft services like Xbox, Office and OneDrive. With a single sign-in (and an email address for certain services) you will soon be able to have fun on Xbox Live, access your photos and documents through OneDrive, check your email on, and connect with your friends and family on Skype.”

Of course users are more than welcome to not use Skype but like we said, single sign-on options are convenient. As for those who already own Microsoft Accounts, a Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet, “Starting next week when this capability goes live, if you already have a Microsoft account, we recommend updating it with your Skype account.”

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