pokemon-goWhen Pokemon GO was released, many assumed Nintendo’s involvement since the company and Pokemon have been closely linked with each other for many years now. The game helped boost the sales of the Nintendo 3DS and also saw the company’s shares rise by as much as 86%.


However all of this kind of came crashing down when Nintendo came forward to say that they had nothing to do with the game. Instead, if you didn’t know, Nintendo actually owns 32% of The Pokemon Company and while they might not have had anything to do with the game or were involved in any way, they seemed to have made money off it all the same.

According to Nintendo’s latest financials, it has been revealed that the company had actually managed to make $100 million off Pokemon GO. Now like we said, Nintendo does not own Pokemon or Pokemon GO, but the fact that they own part of The Pokemon Company also means that they’re entitled to the licensing fees that Niantic probably paid them for the rights to use the Pokemon characters in the game.

This is a lot of money for a game that they had pretty much no involvement in. Pokemon GO is said to have raked in $600 million in the 90 days since its release, and with a potential to pull in $1 billion a year, it looks like Nintendo could be benefiting from this for a while.

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