nintendo_switchIf you were to do a search on impressions regarding the recently announced Nintendo Switch, you’ll find that for the most part, the feedback has been largely positive with many gamers and media outlets expressing their excitement. Some even say that the Switch is the console that the Wii U should have been, while others are calling it a great example of Nintendo’s innovation.


Unfortunately as far as Nintendo’s investors are concerned, they apparently don’t share the same feelings of excitement as everyone else because according to a report from Reuters, following the announcement of the Switch, the company’s share prices fell by 6%. The main reason it seems is that the console doesn’t really seem all that groundbreaking in terms of features and games.

According to Takeshi Koyama, a senior analyst at Mizuho Securities, “The trailer does not show the device being played in interesting new ways, gameplay looks to be surprisingly similar to gaming with any number of other consoles.” Eiji Maeda, an analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities adds that while the games demonstrated will appeal to existing Nintendo fans, there was nothing new that was shown off that could be considered groundbreaking.

To be fair since no one has played the console yet, it’s quite hard to judge whether or not it will be successful. It is entirely possible that the Switch will exceed everyone’s expectations, but until the console is released in March 2017, investors are understandably skeptical, but what do you guys think? Are you excited for the Switch? Or do you think it will be a flop?

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