nintendo_switchWhen the Nintendo Switch was revealed, instead of answering questions, it just created more questions. For example what is the battery life on the Switch? What kind of resolution are we looking at? What kind of games are available for it? If anything it seems like the lack of answers has only led to more speculation.

One of those speculations is whether or not the Switch has a touchscreen, which many seem to believe it does. But what about when it is docked? How would the touchscreen function then, especially if the Switch is meant to be a single-screen experience? According to a report by Laura Dale of Let’s Play Video Games, this will be achieved by the right Joy-Con controller.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Joy-Con controllers are the detachable controllers on the left and right side of the Switch. According to Dale, during the Switch’s announcement trailer, there was a glossy portion spotted on the right controller which she believes will allow it act as an IR pointer to replicate touchscreen functionality on the TV, similar to that of the Wiimote.

Dale claims that she has confirmed this with her sources over at Ubisoft. Given that Dale has been pretty good when it comes to leaks and rumors, it is possible there is truth to her claims. Unfortunately Nintendo only plans to share more details in 2017, so until then we guess you’ll have to take it with a grain of salt.

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