Image credit - Richard Lai

Image credit – Richard Lai

With the Galaxy Note 7 being officially recalled, Samsung is doing everything they can to help facilitate exchanges and refunds, such as setting up booths at airports around the world to expedite the process. However last we checked, there were still about a million Note 7s still being used, and this shop in Hong Kong is probably not helping out with that number.

As spotted by Engadget’s Senior Editor Richard Lai, it seems that there is a shop in Hong Kong that is still proudly displaying the Note 7 and are claiming to be offering it at a “special price”, although we’re not sure how much as Lai did not enquire about it. By the looks of it it seems that this particular shop has quite a few units on hand, and we’re not sure if this is all of them either.

We’re not sure why this shop has not bothered to return their units since we’re sure that Samsung would be more than happy to take them off their hands in exchange for other Samsung products or even a refund. An alternative, and this is purely speculation, is that maybe these phones were obtained through “creative methods” so returning them would obviously not be in the cards.

We have heard of instances in the past in which phones and tablets have been smuggled into the country before so it wouldn’t be completely unprecedented. In any case Samsung has been offering up incentives to customers to exchange their handsets so if you haven’t done so already, what are you waiting for?

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