panasonic-3d-actuator-1[CEATEC 2016] Camera shake is probably one of the more annoying things that photographers have to deal with as this can result in perfectly composed photos being ruined due to a bit of blur. We suppose this is where the likes of image stabilizing technology comes into play, but what if you wanted to stabilize and track images at the same time?

According to Panasonic, they are claiming that they are the first company to be able to combine stabilizing and tracking technology into a single device. Not only does this keep your video footage stable, but at the same time it allows you to track your subject. In Panasonic’s case they used color to show off its tracking technology which we have to say works pretty well.

panasonic-3d-actuator-2Some potential applications for this technology as suggested by the company includes action cameras where you could wear one on your body, run, jump, or walk, and still have stable footage. It can also be used in drones to record sporting events where it can track athletes without the result of shaky footage.

We’re not sure when Panasonic plans on integrating this technology into their products (they make consumer cameras in the form of the Lumix lineup), or if it will be built-to-order for other companies, but we can imagine that this is something photographers and videographers will e able to appreciate.

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