[CEATEC 2016] We’re sure this has happened to all of us. We enter a room and because the switches to various electronic appliances are scattered everywhere, we have to move to different parts of the room to turn things on. Panasonic wants to solve that inefficiency and has created a wireless and batteryless switch.

In the demo video below, an example of how it works is when you go to your desk and sit on your chair. By doing it, it triggers the switch which will then turn on your computer, turn on your table lights, and also whatever else you want to have it linked up to. Press the switch again and you can transform your desk from work to entertainment by dimming the lights and launching a movie.

If it sounds like some kind of universal switch, we guess it does. However Panasonic’s application is what makes it different from the rest in which you could embed it into all sorts of things. It is also wireless which allows for users to place it in more interesting areas such as chairs and doors, and it is also batteryless because inside the switch there is a power generator that keeps it going, thus removing the need for a battery.

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