pokemon-sun-moonThe Pokemon franchise on Nintendo’s consoles has been around way, way before Pokemon GO ever came about. However is it possible that thanks to Pokemon GO that interest in the Pokemon game has been rekindled? We suppose whatever the reason is, Nintendo has cause to celebrate as Pokemon Sun and Moon is the company’s most pre-sold game in history.

Yup, despite having been around for long time and with many famed franchises under its belt, it seems that the more recent Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS is the hottest game for Nintendo at the moment. Not only did the game break pre-sale records for the company, but Nintendo has since confirmed that Pokemon Sun and Moon’s demo is the most downloaded Nintendo 3DS demo to date.

The company is boasting that the demo downloads have surpassed 3.5 million to date and we wouldn’t be surprised if those numbers are much higher now. The game has yet to be released and we are looking at a targeted release in Japan and North America come 18th of November, and the 23rd of November for Europe. Perhaps Pokemon is one of the reasons why Nintendo has decided to keep the 3DS around.

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