rimac-electric-bikeWhile there is a lot of focus on electric cars, let’s not forget that there are some of us who prefer riding around on a motorbike, which means that motorbikes also have the potential to go electric (which they have). Now the same concerns that apply to electric cars also apply to bikes, which is range.

Given that bikes are smaller, their batteries are also smaller which means that their range is obviously not going to be as great as cars for now, but Rimac is certainly looking to push the boundaries as they have unveiled their latest electric bike, the Rimac Greyp G12H, which according to the company will be able to travel as far as 150 miles on a single charge.

As it stands, the company’s current model the Greyp G12S has a range of 75 miles. However it is faster at 70 kmph so we guess there’s a bit of a trade off, but if you prefer range over speed then this probably isn’t an issue for you. In terms of pricing and availability, Rimac has yet to confirm when the new bike will be released, and that for pricing it will depend on the battery option that you go for, but to give some context, the G12S is priced at around $9,400.

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