Shazam has launched a Lite version of its app today for Android devices. It’s quite similar to the Facebook and Messenger Lite apps in that it has been designed with emerging market users in mind. The Shazam Lite app is only available for Android and it requires less storage space and mobile data as opposed to Shazam proper. Most emerging market users have limited space and mobile data hence the Lite apps work in their favor.

Even though it can be described as a watered-down version of the proper Shazam app, it’s still capable of doing what most people use Shazam for: looking up songs.

Users simply need to fire up the Shazam Lite app when they need to identify a song. The app is also capable of identifying music while it’s offline and has the ability to save the most recent results so users can come back and listen to them.

The Shazam Lite app requires less than 1MB of storage which is ideal for users in emerging markets. The fact that it doesn’t need much means that it can easily be installed on older Android devices as well which don’t have a significant amount of RAM.

Shazam will be releasing an English version of this app in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines today. It’s also going to release a Spanish version in Venezuela.

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